Sansa Headband


Its all about the drama with this Games of Thrones inspired design. Striking metalwork of leaves, flowers and a scattering of Austrian crystals on a simple?silver band



Sansa meaning “Tribal Princess” is inspired by the very popular “Game of Thrones” series. Striking metalwork in the form of leaves and flowers with a scattering of Austrian crystals. Just like the series itself, this truly unique headband is full of drama and a real statement piece. You will certainly be the queen of your own throne wearing it.

This would look stunning worn with a full veil at the back for your wedding or the headband could be attached to a snood to complete a true medieval costume.

Made with attention to detail, quality materials and a lot of love.


13cm Wide x 14cm Long.

Care of your Headband

Our headband range, by the very nature of their construction means that they are delicate. To keep them looking good, after each wear it is Important that they are cleaned thoroughly with water using a soft lightly dampened cloth to remove grease dirt and hair products.

Please note:


The metal will tarnish and Crystals will loose luster if they are exposed to harsh chemicals and certain environments, such as hairdressing salons.

Contains nickel





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